About Poster Creative

Welcome to Poster Creative and my collection of original poster art.

I have a passion for art and design that’s been with me since I was a boy living in the north east of England.

I'm the co-founder and creative director of a small, family run design agency who’s worked for some of the world’s biggest brands at agencies in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Now living in Fife, Scotland, I’m turning my passion, influences and interests into visual form...

You’ll recognise a love of classic travel posters and images influenced by artists such as A.M. Cassendre, Edward Hopper and Tom Purvis. But don’t expect just travel and landscapes in my portfolio, expect an eclectic range of posters of things I admire, visually bold colours and shapes that interest and inspire me, and places that capture my imagination.

I hope you like my collection of posters as much as I enjoy creating them.

Thanks for visiting my online shop.



John Park, Illustrator at Poster Creative

Behind the scenes

My posters are designed in my home studio and start with a simple idea, from a sketch, or from some photographic reference I have of a place I’ve been to or a thing I’ve seen.

I then work out the layout and build up the image whilst experimenting with colours and aesthetics (with a little bit of artistic license thrown in).

I usually work on a poster over the space of a week-or-so, working a few hours a day, adding to the image, tweaking and refining until I’m happy with the final version.