About Poster Creative

Welcome to Poster Creative; a collection of my very own poster art and gifts, all designed by me, John.

If I wasn't completely happy with my designs, they wouldn't see the light of day. And that's roughly the philosophy I've held dear throughout my career in advertising and design. And now after quite a few years producing marketing (in London, Glasgow & Edinburgh) for well-known brands, I'm now living in Fife, Scotland, and turning my passions, influences and interests into poster art.

You may recognise in my art a love of classic travel posters and images influenced by artists such as A.M. Cassendre, Edward Hopper and Tom Purvis. And there's also an eclectic range of designs of things I admire, visually bold colours and shapes that interest and inspire me, and a little bit of nostalgia from places and things that have captured my imagination.

I spend many hours producing each piece of work, there's no AI or photoshop trickery used in any of my work – all work is drawn from scratch, and I make sure my prints are of the highest quality with colours true to the original designs. I hope you like my collection of designs as much as I enjoy creating them.

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John Park, Illustrator at Poster Creative

Behind the scenes

My posters are designed in my home studio and start with a simple idea, from a sketch, or from some photographic reference I have of a place I’ve been to or a thing I’ve seen.

I then work out the layout and build up the image whilst experimenting with colours and aesthetics (with a little bit of artistic license thrown in).

I usually work on a poster over the space of a week-or-two, working a few hours a day, adding to the image, tweaking and refining until I’m happy with the final version.